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Responsible sourcing and Gum Arabic var kerensis expertise is Acacia EPZ’s niche.

Sustainable tapping and harvesting

The harvest of gum arabic is 100% natural and is carried out completely by the use of hands and/or harvesting tools. This operation does not damage the tree and will induce an incision in it so that the acacia tree will exudate gum in order to cover the incision. The gum is exuded through the incision and starts to dry when in contact with the air and sunlight. It progressively becomes a nodule after which its harvested. Together with our valued partners, we conduct regular workshops on sustainable tapping, harvesting and acacia tree management techniques.

Strategic Sourcing

We adopt strategic sourcing methods by organizing the gum collectors into formal producer groups to enhance quality and volumes. This also encourages the collectors, majority being women and youth to venture into other methods of improving livelihoods such as goat rearing and bead making as a group.

Capacity Building

Beyond our core business interests, Acacia EPZ Limited is interested in promoting social transformation through business, and environmental conservation through community-owned and led efforts.
We believe in building the capacity of the Gum Arabic Collectors through regular trainings and workshops. This has led to an increase in the production and promotes the sustainability of the Acacia trees.

Food Safety Management

We are FSSC 22000 CERTIFIED, with a commitment to strict adherence to ISO standards on food safety and implementation of Food Safety Management Systems.

This ensures that we meet and exceed customer expectations on food safety. Find our Food Safety Policy HERE

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